Covid Safe


Updated April 2021

Dear Friends,

Updated April 2021

The NI Executive has indicated a reopening date of Monday May 24th for indoor hospitality in Northern Ireland.

Currently we plan to reopen on Wednesday 26th at 5pm and will operate the on following days.

Monday & Tuesday’s – Closed
Wednesday & Thursday’s 5pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday 12 noon to 11pm
Sunday 12.30pm to 9pm

No further information regarding households and maximum numbers has been issued. We will update this page as that information is released. 


Previous guidance;

  • All service will be seated at tables. There will be no standing and no service at the bar;
  • Contact details must be taken from ALL diners over 16;
  • Customers must remain seated once in the premises, apart from using the facilities; 
  • Do not approach other tables;
  • A maximum of six people from only 2 households can be seated at a table in any hospitality venue. Children aged 12 and under will be discounted from the total; 
  • More than 6 can be seated if ALL are from the same household;
  • Face coverings should be worn to enter and leave the venue and for movement inside. They are not required once seated.

Drinks only reservations are not permitted.

Under new laws, all service must end at 10.30pm and all customers must leave the bar & restaurant by 11pm

All tables are subject to availability. These rules may change or be updated at any time. Please follow NI Direct for new Covid updates at 

What to Expect when you arrive
To make your visit as comfortable, enjoyable and safe as possible we have made the following changes to The Primrose. We have been incredibly thorough in our planning and preparations and remain reactive as we learn more with Government and industry guidelines.

1. Bookings
Reservations to dine are recommended, as we have fewer tables in the restaurant. We also wish to avoid numbers of people arriving at the same time. Reservations will be staggered and we would ask that you arrive on time for your reservation. For reservations up to 8pm, we have time limits on our tables. This is to ensure we have time to sanitise the table & area before the next reservation arrives.

• It goes without saying, but we should state the obvious – if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 or been in contact with anyone who has arrived from outside the UK within the past 14 days, or been in contact with anyone who has been given a positive Covid result within the past 14 days , please do not visit.

• Currently, we can look after a maximum of 6 people at 1 table from 2 households only, in line with updated NI Government guidance. Children are excluded from this number.

• Please do not approach other tables or diners. Maintain your distance from other parties – 2m where possible or 1m plus. We ask those bringing children to dine, to supervise them and for them to be aware of social distance.

2. The Bar
• All drinks will be served at the table. Please do not approach the bar. 

3. Arrival
• Entrance to the restaurant will be via the normal right hand side front door. The left hand side door is for Eats To Go takeaway customers.
• You are required to wear a face covering upon arrival, departure and if using the facilities. A paper bag will be provided to you to store your face covering. 

• Refusal to wear a face covering means you will be refused entry to the restaurant. This is a legal obligation.
•We will ask you sanitise your hands when entering the building from the foot operated dispenser.
• Please wait to be welcomed by a member of the team.
• Your temperature will be checked on arrival and if over 37.8c we will refuse entry to the building.
• The contact details for the lead customer will be taken and kept for 21 days to assist with track and trace, should there be an outbreak of COVID-19
• You will be shown to your table by a member of the team.
• Whilst we are used to a hug and a handshake from many of you, sadly no physical contact for the time being! I think we will all need huge hugs when we are allowed too.

4. At the Table
• Where possible, we have created individual booths for you to enjoy your meal and we hope these will provide a sufficient physical barrier between you and other diners. Please do not approach other tables.
• Our food menus are disposable single use paper. Wine & cocktail lists will be available to view digitally from your phone or tablet.
• Food and Drinks will be ordered from the table and delivered in the normal way. Our team may be wearing facemasks, so while you may not see their smile, trust us they are as warm as always.
• Condiments will be available on your table and will be sanitised after departure. Additional condiments will be served individually.
• Should you require to use the toilet on your visit, please wear your face covering and observe the occupied and vacant lights at the entrance to the toilets before proceeding. This is to ensure only 1 person uses the facilities at a time.  Sanitiser is available across the restaurant & toilets.

• Payment – We prefer Debit/Credit Card, Amex , Apple pay & Google Pay & gift vouchers but can accept cash.
All outstanding gift vouchers have been extended to January 31st 2021 so don’t worry about them expiring.

5. Departure
• We would ask you wear your face covering and to leave via the right hand side door by the main bar on the ground floor, thus creating a one way system. The bar will close at 10pm mid week and  10.30pm pm on Friday & Saturday and the restaurant must be vacated 30 minutes after the bar has closed. 

Our Team
We have created new kitchen space to enable social distancing within our kitchens and are working in teams.
Our Front of House will be similar format.
All staff will have their temperatures checked when coming to work
Sanitiser and hand soap is located in the back of house as well as the front.

Finally, thank you for your continued support. It continues to be a challenging time for us all.

Please stay safe, stay apart where you can & wash your hands. 

Kevin & The Primrose Team